Change starts with us. We can change our own habits and influence others too. Here are the most effective ways we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Influence Change


Talk about change with your friends and family. Telling them what you’re doing and why can really influence their choices when it comes from someone they trust.

Get together and collaborate with others in the community, at work, at the sports club, at school to organise and advocate for community action.

Join Climate For Change to facilitate social change for effective climate action.


Big and small business can be influenced when consumers demand change.

State & Federal Government are there to represent you. Call, email, or contact your representatives:

Local Government can be contacted about issues that affect you. Contact your Moonee Valley Councillors to let them know your concerns.


Move your money such as banking, investments and superannuation away from the fossil fuel industries of coal, oil and gas. Market Forces have created comparison tables to help you select more ethical and sustainable banks and funds.

Be The Change


Reduce energy use by insulating and draught sealing your home.

Reduce energy waste by switching off appliances & lights when not in use or installing timers.

Switch to renewables by sourcing 100% GreenPower through your electricity retailer.

Get rooftop solar to reduce your bills and emissions by harnessing free power from the sun.

Go all electric by replacing gas appliances such as heating & cooking, switching to electric heat pump for hot water & electric induction cooktops.

My Efficient Electric Home Facebook group has a wealth of information and knowledgeable members ready to help you get off gas and be climate friendly.


Organise travel by combining multiple trips to reduce mileage.

Shop locally to reduce distance travelled and you’ll be supporting the local economy as well!

Walk, ride or use public transport where possible as a more sustainable and healthier option than driving.

Get an EV (electric vehicle) and plan for charging it off 100% renewable energy. The Good Car Company are Australia’s first 100% electric vehicle dealer and have lots of affordable 2nd hand EV’s.


Make meat a treat. Reduce intake of emissions intensive meat & animal products & switch to plant based alternatives.

Reduce food waste and compost the organic waste you do produce by home composting or using a Council supplied Green Bin. Try the Sharewaste App and The Rogue Ginger blog.

Fix, mend and repair clothes, appliances and other items you’ve already got to extend their life.

Buy second hand as much as possible at Op shops or online Moonee Valley Buy Swap Sell or similar groups.

Bulk buy food and cleaning products to reduce packaging and waste by buying only what you need.

Grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Join Permaculture Out West (POW) or the Moonee Valley Garden Group for tips.

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