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Dwell Neighbourhood Hub

Dwell is a thriving community centre in Ascot Vale dedicated to connecting people with themselves and with each other. They have welcomed us with open arms and allowed us to run monthly ‘Share, Care & Repair’ sessions in the hall as well other projects such as the Ascot Vale Little Free Pantry and nature strip planting.

MVS Action Groups

You may be just starting out, or well versed in sustainability. Regardless, we all need to be the change and take more steps towards zero carbon living. Here are just some of the great MVS community action groups you may want to explore. Get involved to learn or share your knowledge with others.

An action group is a self-organised group of people who come together to action a particular task or project.  We currently have two kinds of action groups:

  • MVS Action Groups
  • MVS Affiliated Action Groups

An MVS Action Group is a group of volunteers who variously work together on specific projects or topics, short-term initiatives, advocacy, education, events, manage resources, represent the group in other forums and monitor outcomes of that group’s efforts.

An MVS Affiliated Action Group is a group that works either independently or with MVS to deliver a particular kind of sustainability service or outcome to the community. These groups may have formal or informal links to other organisations. They are financially and legally independent from MVS and may have an MOU with a national body or local organisation.

Our Action Groups

Electrify Moonee Valley

Learn how you can live a safe & comfortable life, powered entirely by renewable electric energy.

Moonee Valley Repair Cafe

Repair & extend the life of your toaster, jumper, chair or others items, see the value of things & share increasingly rare skills and knowledge – all while having fun, reducing waste to landfill, saving money and celebrating our community!

78 St Leonards Rd, Ascot Vale

3rd Saturday of the month

Boomerang Bags Ascot Vale

Making unique, up-cycled fabric bags to give to customers who would otherwise use a plastic bag with the aim to rid the local Union Rd shopping strip of single use plastic bags.

78 St Leonards Rd, Ascot Vale


Moonee Valley Bees

A network of bee enthusiasts. A space for experienced beekeepers to guide new beekeepers & each other & give advice. A network to the wider community to discuss topics that concern bee populations in the area.

Moonee Valley Compost

A community of people who are interested in composting and reducing food waste to landfill.

Moonee Valley Compost Map

Strips of Nature

A project to promote and enable the planting of residential nature strip gardens by providing residents with assistance and resources to apply for and build compliant nature strip gardens.

More coming soon….

Affiliated Action Groups

Ascot Vale Little Free Pantry

A community run little free pantry of non-perishable food for people in need. Businesses & locals can donate good food or swap items. Local residents clean & maintain the pantry regularly.

78 St Leonards Rd, Ascot Vale

24hrs, 7 days

Sharing Shed Melbourne

A community run library of things such as tools, camping & gardening gear, promoting a resourceful community by empowering users with low-cost access to useful goods, skills and related knowledge.



Moonee Valley Toy Library

A place where parents or carers can go to borrow a large variety of educational toys, puzzles and games on a regular basis. Toy libraries aim to encourage families to spend time playing with their children and reduce waste.

129 Lincoln Rd, Essendon
Tues & Wed 9:30-12:30
Saturday 9:30-12:30

Avondale Heights
54 Lake St, Avondale Heights
Fri & Sat 9:30-11:30

Moonee Bicycle User Group

Moonee Valley Bicycle User Group – (BUG) is a volunteer non-profit community organisation advocating for safer cycling in Moonee Valley.

Community Gardens in Moonee Valley

Food and gardens are intricately linked to a sustainable lifestyle. Food waste creates emissions in landfill while food security is an area of concern for many. Community gardens are great places to grow food, swap seeds and seedlings and make friends.

My Smart Garden also has a list of some other local gardens and groups

Nature & Conservation Groups in Moonee Valley

Green space is not only good for the soul, but essential for native plants and animals, provides shade and keeps our suburbs cooler. All you need are a pair of gloves and a smile to start tree planting or take part in clean-ups.