We know that change happens through conversation and by connecting with like-minded people. We create opportunities for our community to build relationships through dialogue and values-led activities.

Finding your focus

The climate crisis can feel overwhelming at times - it is easy to feel helpless. We encourage people to find specific issues and/or activities that are of interest to them and simply start there with small achievable actions. To help focus efforts we have identified the following five key overarching sustainability themes.

Our Work

In each of our five sustainability themes we find the most appropriate form of intervention and either advocate, educate, take action or collaborate with others. In some cases we do them all. See below a gallery of the activities our volunteers get up to.

Moving towards walking, cycling and public transport

ACTIVE Transport

Moving towards walking, cycling and public transport.


Powering our buildings and vehicles with clean energy.

Keeping us safe and healthy as the temperature rises


Keeping us safe and healthy as the temperature rises.

Moonee Valley Repair Cafe


Reducing waste and increasing product stewardship.

HEALTHY Environment

Regenerating, balanced and biodiverse ecosystems to sustain us.