Our organisation is made up of volunteers who generously give their time to care for Country and act on climate here in Moonee Valley. We build people power to prevent worsening climate impacts and promote climate resilience, through action, education, advocacy and collaboration.


Community Clean Ups

MVS Committee 2023/24

To help us wrangle and cajole our dedicated volunteers who do such amazing work, we have a management committee who meet regularly to plan for and organise us. They all seem to get along swimmingly which is very handy and extraordinarily productive!

Our Structure

To ensure that MVS grows sustainably from a strong financial and active community base we have established a number of working groups that allow members and volunteers to support the work of the organising committee. Our working groups are made up of committee members and other members who have specific skills and knowledge to realise the improvement and projects required.

We are organised into five Collectives. Within those collectives, we have Action Groups who are passionate about a particular area of sustainability. They join together to take specific action in and around Moonee Valley.

We also have a number of local Collaborators which helps to double our impact and further our reach. We know that collaboration and collective action can increase our capacity to do the work.